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TelEngine::Configuration Class Reference

#include <telengine.h>

Inheritance diagram for TelEngine::Configuration:

TelEngine::String TelEngine::GenObject

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Detailed Description

Configuration file handling.

A class for parsing and quickly accessing INI style configuration files

Definition at line 1448 of file telengine.h.

Public Member Functions

void addValue (const String &sect, const char *key, const char *value=0)
Stringassign (const char *value, int len=-1)
char at (int index) const
const char * c_str () const
void clear ()
void clearKey (const String &sect, const String &key)
void clearSection (const char *sect=0)
 Configuration (const char *filename)
 Configuration ()
virtual void destruct ()
bool endsWith (const char *what, bool wordBreak=false) const
int find (const char *what, unsigned int offs=0) const
int find (char what, unsigned int offs=0) const
bool getBoolValue (const String &sect, const String &key, bool defvalue=false) const
int getIntValue (const String &sect, const String &key, const TokenDict *tokens, int defvalue=0) const
int getIntValue (const String &sect, const String &key, int defvalue=0) const
NamedStringgetKey (const String &sect, const String &key) const
NamedListgetSection (const String &sect) const
NamedListgetSection (unsigned int index) const
const char * getValue (const String &sect, const String &key, const char *defvalue=0) const
unsigned int hash () const
unsigned int length () const
bool load ()
int matchCount () const
bool matches (Regexp &rexp)
virtual bool matches (const String &value) const
int matchLength (int index=0) const
int matchOffset (int index=0) const
String matchString (int index=0) const
String msgEscape (char extraEsc=0) const
String msgUnescape (int *errptr=0, char extraEsc=0) const
bool null () const
bool operator &= (const char *value) const
 operator const char * () const
bool operator!= (const String &value) const
bool operator!= (const char *value) const
Stringoperator+= (bool value)
Stringoperator+= (unsigned int value)
Stringoperator+= (int value)
Stringoperator+= (char value)
Stringoperator+= (const char *value)
Stringoperator<< (bool value)
Stringoperator<< (unsigned int value)
Stringoperator<< (int value)
Stringoperator<< (char value)
Stringoperator<< (const char *value)
Configurationoperator= (const String &value)
bool operator== (const String &value) const
bool operator== (const char *value) const
Stringoperator>> (bool &store)
Stringoperator>> (unsigned int &store)
Stringoperator>> (int &store)
Stringoperator>> (char &store)
Stringoperator>> (const char *skip)
char operator[] (int index) const
bool operator|= (const char *value) const
String replaceMatches (const String &templ) const
int rfind (char what) const
const char * safe () const
bool save () const
unsigned int sections () const
void setValue (const String &sect, const char *key, bool value)
void setValue (const String &sect, const char *key, int value)
void setValue (const String &sect, const char *key, const char *value=0)
ObjListsplit (char separator, bool emptyOK=true) const
bool startSkip (const char *what, bool wordBreak=true)
bool startsWith (const char *what, bool wordBreak=false) const
String substr (int offs, int len=-1) const
bool toBoolean (bool defvalue=false) const
int toInteger (const TokenDict *tokens, int defvalue=0, int base=0) const
int toInteger (int defvalue=0, int base=0) const
StringtoLower ()
virtual const StringtoString () const
StringtoUpper ()
StringtrimBlanks ()

Static Public Member Functions

static const Stringempty ()
static unsigned int hash (const char *value)
static String msgEscape (const char *str, char extraEsc=0)
static String msgUnescape (const char *str, int *errptr=0, char extraEsc=0)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void changed ()

Private Member Functions

 Configuration (const Configuration &value)
ObjListgetSectHolder (const String &sect) const
ObjListmakeSectHolder (const String &sect)
Configurationoperator= (const Configuration &value)

Private Attributes

ObjList m_sections

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