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TelEngine::SIPTransaction Class Reference

#include <ysip.h>

Inheritance diagram for TelEngine::SIPTransaction:

TelEngine::RefObject TelEngine::GenObject

List of all members.

Detailed Description

All informaton related to a SIP transaction, starting with 1st message

Definition at line 426 of file ysip.h.

Public Types

enum  State {
  Invalid, Initial, Trying, Process,
  Retrans, Finish, Cleared

Public Member Functions

bool deref ()
virtual void destruct ()
const StringgetBranch () const
const StringgetCallID () const
const StringgetDialogTag () const
SIPEnginegetEngine () const
virtual SIPEventgetEvent ()
const StringgetMethod () const
int getState () const
const StringgetURI () const
void * getUserData () const
const SIPMessageinitialMessage () const
bool isIncoming () const
bool isInvite () const
bool isOutgoing () const
bool isReliable () const
const SIPMessagelatestMessage () const
Mutexmutex ()
virtual bool processMessage (SIPMessage *message, const String &branch)
const SIPMessagerecentMessage () const
int ref ()
int refcount () const
void setResponse (SIPMessage *message)
void setResponse (int code, const char *reason)
void setTransmit ()
void setUserData (void *data)
 SIPTransaction (SIPMessage *message, SIPEngine *engine, bool outgoing=true)
virtual const StringtoString () const
virtual ~SIPTransaction ()

Static Public Member Functions

static const char * stateName (int state)

Protected Member Functions

bool changeState (int newstate)
virtual SIPEventgetClientEvent (int state, int timeout)
virtual SIPEventgetServerEvent (int state, int timeout)
bool isPendingEvent () const
virtual void processClientMessage (SIPMessage *message, int state)
virtual void processServerMessage (SIPMessage *message, int state)
void setLatestMessage (SIPMessage *message=0)
void setPendingEvent (SIPEvent *event=0, bool replace=false)
void setTimeout (unsigned long long delay=0, unsigned int count=1)

Protected Attributes

String m_branch
String m_callid
unsigned long long m_delay
bool m_invite
bool m_outgoing
void * m_private
int m_state
String m_tag
unsigned long long m_timeout
unsigned int m_timeouts
bool m_transmit

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